Vote4Boat on April 4th, 2023!

Elect Nicolas Boatner for Campton Hills, IL Village Board Trustee 2023

A vote for Nic is a vote against a village wide Home Owners Association. It is a vote for village board transparency and accountability. Nic will work to protect your freedoms and make sure no one manipulates or micromanages you on your land.

We are NOT seeking monetary donations, just your vote. Request a FREE yard sign to show your support!

Nic Boatner

Who is Nic Boatner?

Nic Boatner, his wife Kimberly, and their two daughters Cecelia and Charlotte have called Campton Hills home since 2013. His family has lived in St. Charles for 4 generations.

"I have seen so much change and development I feel like Campton Hills stills holds a piece of what used to be. Before Randall Road was four lanes and before the Charlestowne Mall was built. We have a beautiful slice of America here and it would be a shame to see it turned into another suburban dot on the map. This town is so quiet, clean and peaceful. Rural charm and only an hour from Chicago. All I want to do is keep our town as it is. Some peace at home, our little piece of paradise. My dirt is here, in Campton Hills."

Nic Boatner
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Do you find it hard to stay up to date on Campton Hills politics and board meetings?

If you are anything like most residents you may be wondering what in the world is going on at village hall.

So does Nic. Let's improve communication with live streaming board meetings, newsletters and active village social media. Nic will work hard to implement such strategies.

Don’t let the board rezone the community without a clear, concise and simplified proposal showing the value ADDED and how it will impact your property.

UPDATE: 1-24-23 the Village Approved Motion O-23-01 – An ordinance amending in its entirety the Village of Campton Hills Zoning Ordinance. How does this impact you and your property? Has the village shown you how it will add value to your home or community. It is not a matter of if this is a necessary change or not, it is a matter of communicating value to all stake holders.

Most of the village gets its information from social media and their neighbors. It is to the village leaders advantage to make communication a priority. Many residents currently feel neglected and overlooked or ignored.

You can not have progress without support, and you can not gain support without fluid communication and transmittal of information. The objective of the village board needs to be to represent the village as a whole, how can they accomplish this with their current complete lack of communication other than public board meetings. Where is the effort. Nic will work to fix it.

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A vote for Nic is a vote to preserve

Do you own horses? Will rezoning affect your right to have horses on your property? Have you heard of horse permits? Animal waste disposal plans? How about chickens? Do you park a trailer in your driveway, have you heard of village plans to regulate where you park it?

A vote for Nic Boatner is a vote against village micromanagement of you and your property. Leave micromanagement and conformity to individual neighborhoods and HOA's.

Why change the Campton Hills rural charm?

A Vote for Nic Boatner is a vote for:

  • Maintaining the stability of Campton Hills.
  • Campton Hills is one of the safest communities in the country. Our neighborhoods are clean, our roads are long, and our country vistas are outstanding. Nic wants to maintain our rural charm.
  • Polishing, not changing. It just would not be the same without open pastures, fresh eggs for sale, local honey, and huge backyard gardens.
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Decisive, Transparent, Reliable

A vote for Nic Boatner is a vote of loyalty to the people of Campton Hills. Including the homeowners and taxpayers, the township who maintains our roads, the law enforcement and fire protection staff who protect our homes and streets, and the business owners who bring commerce to our village.

A vote for Nic is a vote for the utmost in transparency. You can rely on Nic to represent the interests of ALL Campton Hills residents.

You can rely on Nic to listen and depend on him to get answers. Board members are an extension of the community and Nic will be available as needed to accomodate, discuss and listen to feedback from the community.

A vote for Nic Boatner is a vote to preserve through conservative measures. Less change and more maintenance. Keep the roads and streets polished and clean, keep crime out of town, and strengthen our community connections through increased communication and transparency of all village board discussions, plans and objectives.

What plans does Nic Have
for the future of Campton Hills?


Live streaming village board meatings, The Voice of the Village monthly newsletter, active social media. Having a voice should not be so hard.


No Micromanagement

No village micromanagement of parking, chickens, or horses on your land.


Efficient Maintenance

Failed negotiations to maintain our streets, not if Nic was in office.


No Village Rezoning

APPROVED on 1-24-23

What value does a rezoning plan ADD to YOUR land? Be sure YOU approve changes to YOUR property! Having a voice should not be so hard.


Why do you get your information from social media or neighbors and never from the village board themselves?

Yes to live streaming board meetings.

Yes to quick and efficient negotiations with village maintenance contractors.

Yes to simplified value propositions from the village board whenever we are making decisions that affect you, your property, your taxes, or your community.

Village Aerial Surveillance Drones

Are you aware of village plans to survey private properties with a fleet of aerial surveillance drones?

Do you find value in village surveillance and micromanagement of your property?

Perhaps you need more information! Nic agrees, we all need more information!